Monday, April 23, 2012

I have a Dell Studio 1737 laptop. Is there any way i can get a better video graphics card?

I recently tried to play a PC game. At launch, it said that I had an insufficient Video Graphics Card. is there any way, internal or external, for me to upgrade my Card?|||Hey :)

The GPU are Integrated on the Motherboard so you wont be able to change that, and for external they don't really have any out. Why i say really is because they have one that i have seen and it plugs in thought your USB also need a seperate monitor to plug into it.

TRUST ME do not think it is cool!!!!!!!

A GPU to be plugged into a USB at speeds of 2.0, i dont even understand how they got it to work. lol it would be horrible to do.

I went though the same thing as you, hated my Laptops GPU but you know as every one says just by a PC for gaming and use a Notebook as a Notebook.

Also you can try over clocking but thats only if you know what your doing.

Hope this helps :)|||laptops can't be upgraded except ram,hard drive and dvd drive

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