Friday, April 27, 2012

Will my Nvidia GTS 250 video card get damaged running with a 300W power supply?

My computer has a 300 watt power supply and I recently bought a GTS 250 video card. The requirements say that I should have a minimum of a 475 watt power supply. Can the card get damaged if I use this power supply?|||no but depending on the power supply it will either not work or burn out the supply so in short get a new supply hope this helps|||It shouldn't damage it, but it wont run properly (if it runs at all).

It's always better to have more than enough power than not enough.|||I don't think the card will be damaged, it just won't be able to run period. It NEEDS at least 475 watts to run. Anything below won't allow it to power up.

You will either have to get a different card that is within your supplies parameters, or get a stronger power supply. I recommend a larger power supply, as the power usage for most video cards is above 300 watts. You will be hard pressed to find a decent card that runs under 300.|||The only things that can damage a card are heat and over voltage.

It won't run properly if the power supply is insufficient, but it sure won't damage it.

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