Thursday, April 26, 2012

My CPU and video card keep over heating what can i do?

I Have a HP pavilion a815n, 1GB nivida video card, 2 GB's of ram, 3 GHz CPU. But speed fan keeps saying its over heating. What can i do? My Fan inside also makes a loud humming sound. If i should replace my fan what fan should i get?|||Speed fan has options to adjust your fanspeed higher when the temperature reaches a certain threshold. It might be that the fan isn't going fast enough to cool the card. If you don't feel that the stock fan is working well enough, do a Google search for you card + aftermarket fan. There are a number of people who use aftermarket fans to cool their graphics cards. You'll need to be specific when searching, there are lots of Nvidia cards with 1GB of memory.|||Make sure it's ramping up the fan speeds properly under load, speedfan or other programs should be able to check that.

Zalman makes great fans. I don't know if swapping out gpu fans is easy or even very available, partwise, but swapping the cpu fan out is not hard, just be careful, and do the paste very right.

You overclocked?|||Try taking it all out and giving it a proper dust off. Often dust build up results in overheating. if that doesnt work then yes try replacing the fan, but first check for dust build up anywhere in your pc. Also make sure you pc has proper circulation leading from the outside to the inside.|||1. Replace the CPU fan, it will be much quieter.

2. Add thermal paste.

3. Replace or add case fans.

4. Does your VGA card have a fan? No? Add one.

5. Clean inside from dust.|||Get a cooling mat.

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