Friday, April 27, 2012

I put Windows 7 on my eMachines now I have no video card?

I have an eMachines t2798 and on the eMachines website it says that it has an Intel® Extreme Graphics 3D 64MB Shared memory video card. On Windows 7 device manager it says Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. I'm not sure what to do from here. I have googled and tried to find any driver for the Intel but I have found nothing. Also the chipset is Intel® 845GV chipset, if this matters. Any help would be perfect!|||questions

did u purchace the pc new ?? if so 90% come with intergarted graphics ie what you are showen as 3d 64mb graphic

i sugest you pay few pounds and get a pci express graphic card even a 512mb card will cost only few quid now ! interated cards are either for very old and low end pcs or them kinda pcs you buy from pc world and dixons and alot of laptops

they cheap today

64 mb is so dull and crap nearly useless unles syou just google websites - no offence but you cant run high end videos or games on a 64mb on board card windows 7 prob just picked up ur info maybe try reset your relosution etc to make it feel normal , cus im sure win7 would pic up a on board card no problems|||This intel web page should scan your pc. If not browse around within the site for your chipset.

I have had a quick look and I think you are unlucky, because I don't think that they supply drivers for your graphics for win 7

edit sorry forgot to put the address|||I'm pretty certain that there are no Windows 7, or even Vista drivers for that chipset. You may get away with installing xp drivers if you adjust your compatibility settings for the installation program. But the chances are probably not.

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