Thursday, April 26, 2012

What is the lowest costing video card for the pc that can run GTA 4 at max settings?

I want to get a new video card but I am strapped for cash. Could anyone tell of a good video card at a low price that will run GTA 4 at max settings. I would prefer an Ati card, in case I wish to use it in a crossfire configuration in the future. Thanks!|||Assuming your processor is good, I'd suggest a 4870 HD with 1 gb of VRAM. I have a 4850 HD, I can run it pretty high, but not totally maxed.

You should be able to pick up a 4870 with a gig for around $150 on Newegg|||Umm... there's a LOT more to gaming than just the video card. I mean, if your CPU is garbage you could put a $500 video card and not even be able to run GTA4 let alone run it at max settings. Just get the best video card you can afford. It may not run GTA4 at max, but it'll work.|||If you want to know exactly what your going to need from every spec of a computer to be able to run GTA IV on your computer, check out this site and diagnose your computer:…|||Its not just your graphics card that makes a game run well. It mainly makes the game look smoother and better.

Your whole system needs to be fast. A graphics card will help but is useless without the appropriate cpu and ram to back it up...

Get a program called "userbench encode 2009 for windows"

run it get your ranking. See how much of your hardware you actually need to update.

But if you think its just a graphics card you need i would get somethign like Ati Radeon HD 4800 series. like mine i run GTA 4 max settings :D.

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