Thursday, April 26, 2012

I have an HP slimline desktop PC my video card is intergrated on my motherboard need to change it. How?

Here is the deal my video card apparently got fried when I hooked up my hard drive to my tv to watch a movie. after reconnecting everything turn the color green. so I called HP and they said I need a new video card is it possible to switch it out.|||I have never used a Slimline, so what I have submitted may not work.

Add a new video card in the appropriate extra slot.

Then disable your old card. I have done this in the past for people.

It is very simple and works well on integrated audio also.

You can google the details. But make sure you get the new card up and running first with the correct drivers. Then disable your integrated card.

Will save you from having it repaired.

HP sometimes uses a "best guess".

Try re-installing the drivers to your current card.

Have you considered an "external graphics card"?

Watch this:

Good luck.

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