Thursday, April 26, 2012

What does No supported video graphics card detected mean?

i was always able to play my sims 3 then this "NO SUPPORTED VIDEO GRAPHICS CARD DETECTED. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SYSTEM HARDWARE. thing popped up and i never had this problem before so what do i do please help me|||If you recently reformatted your PC the Driver of your video card may not be installed.

you may try this old skool way of detecting ur video card so you can find the right driver for your video card on the net.

On the start menu press "Run"

Type "cmd"

a black screen will show up.

type "debug"

type "d c000:0000"

type "d" again

The name of ur video card will show on the right side.|||Do you know what kind of video card you have? Try reinstalling your video drivers with the most current release.

Also check you video settings. Have you changed you resolution or colors lately?

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