Friday, April 27, 2012

Would you all suggest a AMD processor or a Intel processor, as long as I get a nice video card?

I'm on a tight budget so id rather go for the cheaper option as long as it still runs most of the games on highest settings. I will be getting 4-8 GB of RAM as well. Also a nice video card.|||I would suggest intel even though people say that amd runs better at games but when your running games ram isnt the most important, its GPU and CPU. both are great processors though and id suggest intel but make sure you know what your motherboard runs and research which ones you could get. hope ive helped!|||I would certainly go with Intel. Their processors simply perform better. Bottom Line.

AMD is often the preferred brand for gaming, but I don't understand this considering most games perform significantly better on Intel processors and video encoding is simply garbage with AMD.

If you don't believe, check out this benchmark (Crysis) which compares the Intel i7 930 to its AMD counterparts:…

The Intel i7 930 beats the Phenom II X4 965 even when it is at stock speeds and the AMD is overclocked.

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