Thursday, April 26, 2012

Does my video card effect the quality of my blue-ray movies?

I have an NVIDIA 8600GT and I'm about to get a blue-ray drive. I have a 24" monitor should I upgrade my video card or is it ok?|||I bought a Blu-Ray player for Christmas last year and I have the same video card. It worked just fine. You want to make sure you have a HDCP-compliant cable from your card to your monitor. If you don't, it will NOT let you play movies on it (it's copy-right protection for your computer, it basically doesn't let you play it because it thinks you'll record it. HDCP-compliant cables will prevent recording).

For example, I have two monitors: one with a compliant cable and one without. It played on the compliant monitor, but if I dragged the window to the other monitor it would immediately stop playing. So you should check on your cable.

My rig is a 2.6 GHz Dual Core with 3GB RAM. If you were to upgrade your video card, I'm sure it would make it better for multi-tasking, but if you just played the movie without doing other tasks, you'll be fine without an upgrade.|||Should be okay. You'll want to upgrade eventually though.|||If your monitor and video card dont support hi-def then it will probably be like watching it on a standard tv

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