Friday, April 27, 2012

How can I get windows xp to accept a windows 98 driver for a video card?

when I upgraded to windows xp, I had no problem with the video card and driver, but now starting new with a clean install, windows xp on it's own says, this driver wasn't designed for windows xp, and it won't install it.

what can I do to make it take the driver, I already know it works fine, it just won't take it.|||You more than likely cannot install the windows 98 driver onto a windows xp machine, go to the manufacturers website and get the windows 2000 driver for it.|||I WOULD SUGGEST THAT YOU GO TO THE SITE OF THE VIDEO CARD MAKER AND SEARCH FOR THE PROPER DRIVER.WHEN YOU FIRST UPGRADED TO XP,IF YOU DIDN'T DO A CLEAN INSTALL.THEN THE DRIVER MUST HAVE STILL REMAINED.HOW IT DIDN'T HAVE A CONFIG PROBLEM IS BEYOND ME.BUT CHECK THE MAKERS SITE.


OTHERWISE.IF IT WORKED THE FIRST TIME,WHY DID YOU FORMAT AND DO A CLEAN INSTALL?|||Doesn't XP provide a driver compatible w/ your video card? When I did a full upgrade from 98 to XP, I didn't have to fish for any drivers: XP provided everything.|||You cannot. Drivers for windows 98 are meant to be for windows 98. If you want to install any driver on a windows xp it has to be windows xp (Duh)|||Never tried to do something alike.

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