Friday, April 27, 2012

Does it matter what type of memory a video card has when upgrading?

many video cards have like ddr2 or ddr3 memory types, do you really have to be aware about that when you are upgrading your graphics/video card.|||DDR2 and DDR3 just mean they're faster and more advanced than the typical DDR. i don't think it matters, but just try and get the one that matches your specs to be on the safe side.|||yes it is if you have DDR2 and the video card was 512 and want DDR3 the video card will not work or will work with just 256 m so you will lose your video card speed and your money |||GRRRR....

These answers are totally incorrect!

Most video cards these days are gddr3. Most computers are ddr2. The vram in the card and the ram on the motherboard do not interact. There is no issue with compatability - the vram serves the gpu and the ram serves the cpu.

Right now Im using a machine with ddr2 ram and gddr3 vram. (radeon 4850).

There's no issue.

If you had to have ddr3 ram ro run video cards with gddr3 ram, nvidia and ati wouldnt sell any video cards, as most computers (probably 99%) have either ddr or ddr2 ram.

The entire 8 and 9 Nvidia series (with some exceptions at the low end) are gddr3.

Same with the 3xxx and 4xxx series ATI cards.

The 4870 is GDDR5 ....

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