Friday, April 27, 2012

Where can I find a video/graphics card for a Hp Pavilion 542x desktop?

I bought the Sims Three, but then got a new (used) computer. Installed the game, but now can't play it because I have no graphics card. I need to know where I can buy one and about how much it will cost me. On the case it says I need a "128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0"

Help, please.|||The problem with pre-built desktops from companies like HP (which, once a long time ago, used to be known for quality) is that they build those things en masse, the cheapest way possible. Which leaves little room for expansion.

From the specs I pulled online, it seems your computer only has a PCI slot (not to be confused with the newer PCI-express). Unfortunately, I don't know of many PCI graphics cards that are decent. Sims 3 is a very demanding game, I know, I'm addicted to it.

My computer is pretty impressive, but it still struggles with the game. And my graphics card was $200 and uses the very latest in technology.

PCI cards may not cut it, period. PCI is very old technology and so are the graphics cards that run on it. For the price, none of them are worth it, considering similarly priced PCI-e cards are exponentially better. Also, none of the PCI cards I've seen support pixel shader 2.0.

I'm sorry, but even if you managed to get a PCI card that meets the requirements, the game will probably look very ugly and still won't run smoothly. (the game, according to the box, could run on my laptop, but it lagged so badly it wasn't even worth playing) Not to mention your Celeron processor is less powerful than that of my latop.

I really wish I had better news for you... Sims 3 is an awesome game.

And this is why I never bother with pre-built computers anymore. If at all possible, build your own. Or get a friend who knows a lot about computers to come and help you build one. After all, a decent rig that you build yourself will have many options for expansion, whereas the pre-built ones pretty much screw you over.|||Hi there my name is avimanyu... I got my computer re assembled that is bought my computer with the parts i require... You will find the Graphic Card in any Computer shop where they assemble computers and they will provide you with different types of Graphic Card... Also when finding out about the graphic card... Do find out which is the best graphic card and most commonly used and how much would that be?|||You have no AGP slot, so you will need a PCI Video Card... Not PCI Express

You could try your local best buy or any other computer place......


Have them install it if you dont know how.....

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