Monday, April 23, 2012

After installing Mac OSX on my pc, will my tv tuner, video card and sound cards still work?

I am going to install MAC OSX on my pc ( please don't ask how or tell me its against the law ) But if i do so will my tv tuner, video card and sound card still work?|||Well if your technically minded to run OSX86, then surely your technically minded enough to be able to look up if your hardware is Mac compatibel, whihc in msot cases if its not present on a pre built mac then you may start to have difficulty.

networking and wi-fi tend to be the sticking points, but I'll take a guestimate that the TV card wont as the tend to be wierd in driver region(mine has probs running on windows half the time) and i wouldnt want to guess if my grpahics dont work, but youve not given us any specs whihc can make it hard.

And on hte legal sifde Pystar are doing anti-trust agianst them, whihc if they win could make it legal to to a Hackintosh.(so id hold on a few months to see if its fully lega, which could lead ot better hackintosh support)|||Nothing will work including your PC.

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