Monday, April 23, 2012

How do i find out what video card is on my computer?

i know it's a dad threw the box out a while back, then we reformatted the computer, and the video card is running on generic drivers.

Will it say what kind it is on the card itself?

...Am i screwed?|||If the unique name of the card is not written on it, then look at the chipset on the card (largest 1-2 chips) for video image processing and I/O.|||You could find out by downloading a system information application. I recommend AIDA32. Google it.|||did he throw out the disc to|||When the new hardware is installed into the PC, the OS will try to recognize it and sometimes can understand it so you don't need to install driver for it, but sometimes can't, so you need to install manually. If you install with generic driver or standard, you will lose original capabilities. Delete the drivers from right click on computer -> manage -> device manager -> display adapter -> go to generic adapter -> driver -> uninstall. Right click on the PC name (on the most top) -> scanning for new hardware. When the Windows asks, insert the graphic card driver CD, just follow instruction|||if its a radeon, just go to the ati website and download drivers, you can also try opening your pc (open the case) and see the sticker there, it should say what model type you have. Radeon ati video cards are mostly red boards if you have nvidia oc editions, those are red too.

You can also rightclick mycomputer then look for manage then device manager, you will see there "Display Adapters" and when you click the + it will show what video card you have (especially if your running generic drivers, this should show).|||Right click on your desktop, goto personalise, then display settings and then advanced settings it should say it there.|||You can get AIDA32 here…

This is a portable application -- it does not have to be installed; just run the executable file.|||- depending on what operating system you are running, there are different steps. but they are very easy and simple to follow!

-if running Windows (XP, or Vista)

"Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click System Information." -Microsoft Support (taken from the website instructions)

-if running Mac OS X ( "Panther" 10.3, "Tiger" 10.4, or "Leapord" 10.5)

Click the Apple logo ( on the very top left) and hold 'alt' on your keyboard, "About This Mac" should change into "System Profiler" while you hold it. Click On That, and all the info about your computer is right there!

thats it!


-hope that helped

-ken =)|||Assuming Win XP here:

Start | Run | winmsd

Then select Components | Display

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