Monday, April 23, 2012

Can i buy a video accelerator card for my laptop?

i have a laptop. but it doese not have a good enough video card to play halo. is there any possible way to get a video card for a laptop.|||There are NO retail graphics card for laptops. If your laptop has integrated graphics, it is very likely that it has no expansion or upgrade option at all.

A few laptops have graphics card that is fitted through a special slot in the motherboard. And usually they already have a proprietary card with better GPU and onboard memory.

Any external slot (USB, PC Card, etc.) is too SLOW for 3d graphics acceleration.|||unfortunately not internally, unless your laptop has a built-in VC like the Dell XPS and other dedicated gaming laptops.|||I am am not sure how well they work but I know I0 Gear and and a few other people offer usb external video cards. You might look into one of these.|||Depends if you have an MXM slot or not.|||Yes, you can buy a video acclerator for your laptop,

but the easiest way is to increase your video card, and RAM.

I would suggest to increase it up to 1 GB, that's how mine works. Good acclerator is 3DNow..

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