Sunday, May 6, 2012

What is the difference in Video Card Numbers?

I want a video card that can handle most games that are released today, How can I tell if a Nvidia Geforce 6600 is better than a Nvidia Geforce 6500 or vice versa.

What exactly does that number mean and how can I tell which is better?|||With nVidia cards, usually the higher the number, the better the card. The numbers are just the names of the different chipsets - they don't really mean anything. But for the most part, a 6600 is going to be better than a 6500, a 7000 better yet, a 9000 better yet. The higher the number, the better the card.|||those are old cards

you aren't going to be able to tell the difference between those two. It is all marketing hype.

People spend the big $$$ on video cards to increase their framerate for online gaming. If that's not you then save your money. 6000 series is fine, looks awesome on my machine.|||I want to know this too....I have GeForce 6100 on my new comp.|||look on and look for some graphics card reviews|||The higher number the better a 6600 is better than 6500. But the latest cards are now 7xxx

Anything less than 66xx you need to upgrade. It will not run any new games very well if at all.|||Nvidia and ATI both use model numbers in a way that helps you know which is the more recent release; IE 6600 is newer than 6500. The best thing to do is go to their websites and check the specifics of the model number you are interested in. Other than that generally speaking the more RAM the better off you are.|||everyone else is right with nVidia. But with ATI it's a little different. ATI started at the beginning again with their numbers. the 9000 series are the old cards, and the 1000 series are the new cards. The higher the number in the 1000 series the newer the card.

So an ATI 1300 is better than a 9800.|||Right generally the higher the number the better the card to run most of todays games a Geforce 6600 should do the job but id go for a 7 series so a 7600 or similar|||It all depends on the circutry and there ability to run either 2D or 3D programs, if it is the same in memory size like 128/256/512 and now 1 gig, there is a slight difference, mainly the abitlity to do certain tasks.

Games swollow up memory, Office and the new Vista OS will do the same, so look at getting the best you can afford, as it will make life easier for you and you won't be buying a new one so soon.

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