Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Can i install video card even if i have integrated graphics?

Can i just install the video card or do i have to disable the integrated one first? Its Nvidia 880 GTX. SO do i just put it into my computer or what?|||Yes, you can install the video card (assuming it fits - some of those high end cards are LONG)

I'm assuming you mean the GeForce 8800 GTX - which is a pretty good card even by today's standards.

You will need 2x 6-pin PCIe power connectors to run this card, so you should be looking at a 550+W power supply upgrade at the same time. The stock 300W PSU in that Gateway doesn't have a chance of working with that card.|||Find a PCI-E port on your mother board, located under the CPU, at the bottom of the case near a wireless card, plug the card in (be gentle but make sure that it is firmly in place), screw in the screw to hold it in, plug in any extra power connectors it has on the right end, and then close up your case, boot up your computer and run the disk included with the card. Restart your computer after installing from the disk, the go to download the latest driver for your card/operating system, restart, and then you should be all good!

Basically, No disabling the integrated graphics, and just follow the steps to put it in!|||sure long as its not a laptop and you have a big enough PSU and the room in your case. if you are having problems then you might need to disable it in the bios, but it should do it automatically or let you use both cards|||Once you install the add-on video card it will automatically disable the on-board video card.|||yup, after u have installed the new card, u should enter bios and disable the onboard video.

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