Sunday, May 6, 2012

What video card do i need for my Aspire X3200?

I bought this system a couple weeks ago and to my surprise, it doesn't have a manual and i found also that the system has no dedicated video card installed which makes my Call of Duty 4 so annoying. I cannot access Aspire's website and the store I bought it from was very far from my location. Does anyone here have the same system? Does adding something inside void my warranty? please help. thanks.|||WEird, the specs I came up with show it's a nvidia 8400 card. Not onboard.

Pluss it should have a PCI-E slot..

So any card that is PCI-E would do...if you do have the 8400, you probably can't play CoD on the highest settings. You would need to get an 8800 or better.

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