Monday, May 7, 2012

Will upgrading my video card and ram speed up my computer, and games?

My friend told me to try to get a motherboard instead, what do you think?

Specs (gulp)

OS: Windows XP Media Center

RAM: 1 gig

Video Card: Intel(r) chipset family 910GL

Forgot the name of the motherboard, but it is an average one..... for the year 2004.|||Thats not really specs, thats like tidbits of random information.

Unfortunetly you are running a Integrated CHIP set, which isn't meant for gaming. Even if you buy a new motherboard you will need to buy a new Graphics card.

A new motherboard really won't help.

I suggest thinking of upgrading your desktop as it is almost 8 years old. You can get a great new desktop for around $800.

You can customize your build of your desktop on any of these listed sites. Otherwise just upgrading RAM won't help games as much as a new graphics card.

By the way you forgot to mention your processor which is very important detail|||If you plan on playing any modern games, I recommend getting a new computer, one with more RAM (4gb would probably be a good amount; I have 8gb and no issues), and an actual graphics card rather than an on-board chipset, as they provide far superior performance.|||that is an ancient chipset and I wouldn't sink any money into upgrading it. You need to get a new computer.|||If you have a 910 chipset then don't even bother. You have a Pentium 4 or a Celeron, which is not even worth upgrading for any remotely modern games. A new motherboard? No. A whole new computer. End of story.|||What everyone said. You need a new computer, end of story, if you want to play any newer games.

Luckily computers are inexpensive nowadays and you can get a decent tower for between $500 and $700.|||Definately, you need more RAM|||Graphics card is a must, you'll get away with the ram for now, but recommend at least another 1GB. Also consider a CPU upgrade as old ones may bottleneck games(some games more than others)

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