Monday, May 7, 2012

How do you remove a pci express x 16 video card?

I have a pci express x16 video card that I want taken out for a replacement. I can't figure out how to get it out, the port looks like the one in blue from this picture:

Thanks so much, I really need this help.|||There is a latch/lock on the rear of the PCI-Ex16 slot that you have to push carefully to release the card.

Good luck|||Unplug the computer from power. Press the power button to drain all electical power from the motherboard and power supply. Unplug all electrical connections from the video card.

Remove the screw from the L-shaped, video card bracket that is attached to the rear of the computer.

If you look carefully at the card, you will see that it fits into a raised slot on the motherboard. Ground yourself (very, very important), then run one hand under the card and feel along the end of the slot farthest from the rear of the computer. You should feel a small, plastic tab, that is the lock that holds the card to the motherboard. Gently pull down on the tab and pull out on the video card. The card should slide out of the PCI-E slot.|||1. remove the screw holding the bracket to the back of the computer

2. press up (away from the card) the tab at the end of the PCIe slot

3. While holding the tab, wiggle the card and gently pull the card away from the motherboard

4. If so equipped - remove the power cord from the video card also.|||The tab on the right end of the card slot is a locking mechanism. To release the one in the photo, you would need to lift the tab away from the card slightly to release the lock (straight up in the photo). Make sure that the screw is removed from the retention bracket at the rear of the case, then while holding the tab (lock release), pull the card from the slot.|||With the blue ports in that picture you have to hold the tab at the back of the slot out a bit to unlock the card.

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