Monday, May 7, 2012

How do I upgrade my laptop(acer notebook) video card?

I have a laptop and it is xp home addition and has a 224mb video card. I cant play the cool titles on my xp with this, so i wont to upgrade my video card to 256mb video card. I have 1Gb memory and direct x 10 with aboout 100gb space. I need to know how to upgrade without taking apart my laptop. I also would like to know how much this would cost. thx.|||Most laptops you cannot upgrade video...its integrated on the motherboard...|||well sorry, you can't! The graphics adapter is built into the motherboard and the monitor is directly connected to it. In terms of laptops everything is inclusive. All you can upgrade is the optical drive and the installed memory except in the situation that the memory slots are all full.

When you buy a desktop, all the features are upgradeable, this is just not the case with a laptop. When you buy a laptop you are stuck with what you get.

There are sometimes that the motherboard supports "shared" video memory, which actually sucks, but it does give the the ability to change how much video memory you have dedicated by taking some away from your system memory. But that is up to the board and software designers and exists only on particular chipset combinations.

Furthermore, if you have 224mb video memory than you probably have a pretty good video chipset in your laptop. If you can't play advanced 3d games it may be something else you lack, like a pixel shader or high speed GPU. these generate a lot of heat, so they aren't frequently used in laptops.

Best of luck!

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