Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How can I tell what Video Card I have?

I've gone into DxDiag and it says that there is NO video card which is impossible because I can play games and watch videos. My Computer is an HP Pavilion a566n, which is old as dirt, but I want to know what the video card is so that I can get the drivers and enjoy WoW. If you could maybe tell me a list of possible video cards and a picture of them for me, then I could take apart the computer and figure it out that way. Thanks if you can help|||You have integrated video. I'm sure that your system is too old to play WoW. Drivers are not going to make an obsolete video adapter that much better. Buy or build a new system, that's 7 yrs old…|||you probably don't have a graphics card instead, you have an integrated graphics chip commonly found on cheaper / eMachine desktops|||use this to get pc info

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