Friday, May 4, 2012

Not sure which video card drivers to download?

I just got my new computer and was going to upgrade my drivers. After entering in my video card model/series on the manufacturers website, I had 3 options and wasnt sure which one I should download. My video card is a ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB.|||Definitely the newest/latest driver version (check the dates). Also, you may be given the choice between two versions with the same Post dates...Catalyst Software Suite and AMD Catalyst Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP). The difference between the two is that the APP file has all the drivers that are included in the Catalyst Suite file, but it also includes an OpenCL driver that, during non graphical applications, allows general-purpose computing on graphics processing units.

Most people only need the Catalyst Software Suite driver file, the APP file is better suited for the heavy mathematical and scientific programs.……|||Hi Chrissy,

Are you visiting the video card driver website or the PC manufacturer's website? The second might be easier. I know on the Dell site, they might list three downloads for the video card, but one might be the driver for a 64-bit operating system and one might be labeled as "Application" - being the video control panel, not the actual driver. Also try accessing Windows Update (through the Tools menu in IE) to see if it detects your card and offers you the updated driver.

Hope this helps|||hi, if it's not easy to get the video driver you need, perhaps the program available on this ati site can help you get it easily and correctly.

the program there, as i know, can get almost any ati drivers we need.

hope my answer can be helpful.

good luck

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