Monday, April 23, 2012

How do I overclock my Video Card?

How can i overclock my video card which is a 7950gt Nvidia and then turn it off and such ?|||There is a registry hack called coolbits. Search the internet for it and install it to your registry. You can then select new clock speeds from the advanced video settings in Windows.

Another option is to install Nvidia's N-Tune software.……|||What you have is what you have. The best you can do is programs the configure performance like XP acellerator|||Use Coolbits to enable overclocking…

restart computer after clicking .reg file

look under 3d settings and advance view|||My Palit 7300GT came w/ VDO Tool w/c can be used for overclocking and monitoring temps. Some Nvidia cards respond to ATI Tools. The link below uses Nvidia Forceware:…|||over clocking video cards is very easy, the programs do most of the work. try the links,

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