Sunday, May 6, 2012

To replace a video card that is built in the motherboard?

I'm going to install a new video card on my pc, but do I disble the built in video card first, and then install the new one? or just by installing the new one, the motherboard would disable the first one by itself...? or, will it cause a conflict...? what do you know?|||they say it is best to disable it but I never have and it workd fine. The first time I disabled it, I couldnt see anything that I was doing as far as installing the driver forthe new video card. But now I know. If you have a pci, pci express or agp slot video card, just pop it in, install the driver and then go into your settings, right click on the desktop, then hit properties, then go to settings. There will be a drop down list of your video cards, pick the new one, then check "Use this device as my primary monitor" and "Extend my Windows desktop to this monitor" Then apply and ok, the screen will go blankm then you unplug the monitor from the old one and put it in the new one you just installed. Then you can mess around with the settings like resolution etc.|||thanks, I appreciate that. I hope everything worked out.

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|||install the new one, your computer will see new hardware installed and you set it as the default video card. If you disable first you can have issues.|||Go into your BIOS setup and disable the onboard video, then turn it off, unplug it, install the card, start her up. have the drivers ready|||Disable the built-in video and then install the new card. Mine was a dip switch on the motherboard.|||you may need to uninstall the drivers for the onboard graphics chip before loading the driver for the card. sometimes different drivers cause conflicts.|||First install your display card ... Connector VGA cable to new vga port. If you can see something on the display then u go to bios and disable on board VGA. Then save the setup and restart the PC. If there any problem in your VGA /AGP card will make you to call service man if you disable it before installing new one....

So first insert new card.. power on monitor .. go to bios then disable it.. after that restart your pc by keeping your driver cd's in hand.. All the best...|||Just install the video card and connect your monitor to it. The computer will power it up and ask for drivers,once you start your computer. Install the drivers and application to it and then go into the device manager and disable the onboard video. You can also go into your basic in/out system and disable onboard video there, as well.

Have fun!!!!!!!

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