Friday, May 4, 2012

Can you please let me know make and model of a good Video card for my computer with AV out?

I need a video card (for PCI slot) which has a AV out, so that I can use my TV without monitor.|||I am assuming you mean PCI and not PCIe. In this case the following card has AV or composite out so you can hook it up to your TV, but it's a Nvidia GPU and I really like ATI GPU's…

On the other hand, most TV's have S-video hookups. Almost every Video card out there has a S-video out connection and the picture quality is going to be much better with S-video vs. Composite. In that case, I would visit this site… and search for all video cards with a PCI interface and S-video out under the TV out menu. There is something like 29 cards to choose from... And like I said I love ATI so I would shoot for a card with a ATI GPU.

Good Luck!|||ATI cards have good SVHS output.

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