Monday, April 23, 2012

What kind of video card do I need for M-1617 gateway laptop?

I recently purchased an M-1617 gateway laptop and I thought I wouldn't have any problems with it, unfortunately I cannot seem to open some programs such as Windows movie maker and even some games because of a video card incompatibility. Does anyone know what kind of video card I should get for this and how exactly do i install this?

I would really appreciate your help! Ü|||Maybe you need to update your video drivers to the latest one. Go to Gateway download site to download the latest driver for your video card and delete the old one. Every time most computers manufactures such as gateway updates their drivers. Try this and see if it works

thanks|||you cannot replace a video card on a laptop sorry.

get a desktop for that|||you can't get a video card for a laptop. The video cards are built into the motherboard, so you are looking at replacing the whole motherboard. Movie Maker will open with a basic video card, sounds like you don't have the correct drivers for the video installed. Check with gateway support.

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