Monday, April 23, 2012

Geforce of video card and motherboard chipset?

The nVidia's GeForce series used to identify video card and chipset.

I am confused about that.

Are they the same compared between video card and motherboard chipset?

For example, GeForce 6200 of video card and motherboard chipset Geforce 6200, does this case exist?

If so, are they the same GPU or the same brabra...?

BTW, GeForce Go series, what's the meaning of go?|||No . Definitely not the same . The separate geforce graphics cards are much faster than the video adapter found on the NFORCE motherboard with integrated onboard video adapter . GEFORCEGO are the nvidia graphics card used in laptops|||GeForce is the Video Card line and nForce is the Chipset line. Usually, if there is an NVidia chipset, it has GeForce onboard video.

GeForce Go is the mobile video for laptops.

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