Sunday, May 6, 2012

Can I upgrade to this video card without conflict?

I have a Compaq Presario s6104nx with 2x 512 mb chips... I want to upgrade my video card to handle newer games, so I decided on the GeForce 9600GT. Would a 450w power supply be enough? Is there anything else I may have overlooked that would make this upgrade not work?|||Yes. But it depends what CPU you have. If you have a Quad Core, heck no it won't work. Dual Core.... Most likely.|||the Power supply is too low also would your case fit the card? the card is big.|||check if u got a pci-e x16 slot. if you dont, u cant upgrade. last time i checked, big time companies like compaq and dell do not use motherboards that have pci-e x16 slots in them on their noob pcs so im leaning towards no... but it never hurts to check, you might have one.

as for a noob pc, a noob pc is a pc that can do only non-extreme things such as surf the web, etc. most noob pcs dont even include a pci-e x16 slot and have integrated audio with a crappy cpu. i used to have i got a better one i built myself

oh and also, wtf does having quad core vs dual core have to do anything with the graphics card? the only known conflict between cpu and graphics cards is if one is limiting the potential of the other, example--> crappy graphics card, really good processor, the graphics card is limiting the potential of the processor

ALSO (lol), a 450W power supply should be sufficient. depending on the company, power requirements are different. EVGA lists theirs at 400W, with a 6 pin pci-e connector, so it should be around that. oh, make sure you have a 6 pin pci-e power connector also. big time companies dont supply psus with them anymore on noob computers|||How old is your computer? Do you have an AGP or PCIx16 video slot? More memory would help, like 2 Gigs. What is your CPU speed? Go to run and type in dxdiag. It will give you information about your computer. Hope this helps.

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