Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What to do if your Video Card doesnt fit the computer case?

I have a HP slimline s3100n series, and wanted to upgrade it, and i got a 9500GT (nvidia) and as i opened my case put the card in the slot i have the right slot and every thing, the 2 video output things wont fit through

im thinking about cutting this metal part thats blocking the way, i know it will fit if i cut that metal part, but i dont know if i should just let geek squad fit it in there some how|||You should ideally return the card and get a low profile version of the same card. geek Squad won't do any help if the card won't fit in the first place.


Or you could case mod...

http://img223.imageshack.us/img223/62/ci…|||Cut the case.. thats was about computer modding is about.

Just be careful not to let any chips especially metal ones fly into the case.. that could be the end of your machine.

Yes, you could buy a low profile model.. but if you're stuck with that one, cut away. Only one who looks at the pc is you.

If you could only know half the things I bent, smashed, cut and modded to fit my pc together. Finish product looks perfect, it wasnt a pretty ride though.|||Well make sure that you are putting in the good slot. If you see a metal part which has nothing to do with the functionning of the computer, I wouldnt hesitate to take it off..but its at own risk. My point of view, I dont kknow whats the metal stuff is for ..maybe its just a piece of metal..if you have no clue..how to cut the metal part of what ever..just ask some dude who knows about computers to fix it for u..

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