Monday, April 23, 2012

How to update my video card?

I got a new game, Dragon Age 2 but it doesn't let me play because when the game starts it says failed to find a supported video card. Since my card is "supported" im guessing i need to update my video card. But i have no idea how. So if anyone can help please do, include links from where to download and how to perform the update or anything that might help. Many thanks!|||Go to the Nvidia or ATI/AMD support site, whichever your card is, and download the driver for your card. I'm assuming you know your card model since you know it is supported by DA2|||Go to ATI or NVIDIA's website and search for your graphics card there. It should pop up with the drivers you need and there you can update them. If it does not work after that, your graphics card may not be up to par to the game, but I doubt that unless your computer is ridiculously old. Also, if you do not have a dedicated graphics card, as in your system does not have a separate card from your processor, then the integrated graphics may just suck.

If you don't know what is in your system, you can find out by going to Control Panel then to Adjust Screen Resolution and it should be listed there for you.|||Go to the maker's website & download the latest driver for your card. (No-one will give you a link if they don't know what card it is.) Install new driver. If it still will not play take the game back to the shop.

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