Monday, April 23, 2012

Will a NVIDIA GTS450 video card run on a 350w power supply?

My computer's not too shabby, but it has a pretty pathetic video card, so I'm going to upgrade it so I can play some occasional games on it. I've chosen the NVIDIA GTS450 since it's a good balance of price and performance. My computer has a 350w power supply installed by default, but will the video card run comfortably on that wattage? If not, what should I upgrade to?|||Probably not.... Radeon HD 6670 would be fine, but a GTS 450 would probably overtax it. Keep in mind that midrange graphics cards also require a dedicated power connector from the psu, and most 350W and lower units don't have that. Higher-end cards require multiple connectors.

The general recommendation for psu upgrades these days is to install 500W or higher, although in your case 430-450W is fine. The brand/quality is very important- always go with a reputable psu maker like Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, Enermax, Silverstone, or OCZ if possible. Avoid bargain-basement brands like Logisys and Diablotek.

It's a good idea to buy something strong enough to support cards a level above the one you're considering now. With a decent 500W psu you can support any cards up to the $240 range.…………|||From what I'm seeing for the minimum power requirements of 400 watts, I'd say you shouldn't try it. You could upgrade from your current 350 watt power supply to 450 watts for reliability, and sell the 350 watt power supply you currently have installed to someone for a few bucks anyways. If you burn it up and take other components with it, you have nothing and still have to buy a new minimum 400 watt power supply and possibly any other ruined components. That's what I'd do.…|||i would use a 500 power supply if you have a stock computer and if you are just adding that on, and the others are right, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE ATI RAEDON 5770

ps. look on for the best prices (dont shop at best buy) they rip u off!!

and if you want to go even cheeper, the radeon 5670 is also amazing and i can run starcraft 2 on ultra settings and crysis and everything and its only about 75 dollers!!!|||It should be able to run on your 350w power supply, but, don't be surprised if the computer spontaneously powers off while gaming under load. You really should be on a quality 450-550w power supply.…|||GTS 450 is not a good balance of price and performance when a Radeon 5770 or 6770 outruns it at the same price.

And while you might be able to get away with 350w, it really isn't recommended.

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