Monday, April 23, 2012

How do i know the name of the video card in a computer that cannot be turned on?

also where is the video card located? any links would be welcome.

the video card sitution is so worse that the computer doesnt turn on well it does but is unabe to process any kind of video on the monitor HELP!|||Depends on whether you hava a card or onboard graphics. Look to see where the monitor connector is plugged in. If its in a card slot, remove the card and it will tell you what it is. If its onboard, you will need to find the motherboard mfg. Drivers can be found at the mfrs site. If you arent seeing anything on the screen during boot, your monitor may be faulty!|||is it a video card included with the computer? it might be on the motherboard which might make it harder for you to find. otherwise it would be in a slot similiar to memory. you can open your computer and look at all the stuff that has brand names on it. write those down and do some research on the internet. you will find the one that is a video card. if it is on the motherboard, it might say. so in that case you can do research on your type of computer and see what kind of video card you usually use. good luck!|||two things. 1. if the video card is on the motherboard you will have to find out what model the mother board is. if you look closely at the board you should find a serial number or something that identifies the model and manufacturer. 2. if it is a card that is seperate from the motherboard it too will have identifying numbers on it. just have to look hard.|||first try to download a software named aida32. it is a diagnostic tool which can tell you everything thats inside your computer. just search it in yahoo and you'll find several links. after that save it in flash disk.

open your computer in safe mode. just press F5 when the computer starts to boot and select safe mode. install and use aida32 in safe mode. there, hopefully, you can see the names amd specs of each component in your computer, including the video card.

to locate your video card, look at where you insert the monitor cable to your computer, because that is where your video card is. if it is a card then you can easily replace it,if it was really the cause of the problem. if it is not a card, then you have an onboard video, try installing a new video card to fix the problem

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